Tips to Using Septic Tank Risers and Lids Correctly

septic tank risers

A septic tank riser is essentially a long pipe which extends from the side of your yard directly to your septic tank. The riser connects to your septic tank in the vent-inlet ports or pump-out opening. A typical septic tank has three flange openings, also known as vent lines, which are located along the side of the home. These vents are closed with a solid iron or steel gate, so it’s important to keep them tightly closed. If you let your gates open, the rain can go right through your tanks and into the soil. This means that your sewage system can become overwhelmed very quickly, causing damage to your property and flooding your basement.

In most cases, your septic tank risers are made from either iron or steel, and they are very durable. However, over time, they may begin to deteriorate, which can make it necessary to either repair or replace them. Fortunately, this process is usually quite simple. There are a variety of different reasons why your pipes might deteriorate, but there is usually one culprit that is easy to detect and easily fixed: lack of maintenance.

Risers are often put into place as a means of helping to prevent sewage waste from backing up into your basement. If you have one installed in your system before your septic tank systems come into direct contact with the ground, you can expect that your systems will last for many years. However, many homeowners fail to make this type of connection, and this means that their sewage systems may start to break down fairly quickly. Fortunately, there are a variety of different ways that you can solve this problem, ranging from simply replacing the risers to actually digging up the soil around the opening in your pipe.

The easiest way to ensure that your septic tank risers stay in good condition is to make sure that they are installed correctly. For starters, this requires that you have access to the area in which they are being placed. If you don’t have access to the area where they are being buried, you may find that it can be difficult to reach and may eventually require the assistance of a professional. If you can’t afford to hire someone to make this connection for you, there are a number of different things that you can do to help make sure that your risers are kept securely planted in the ground.

The first thing that you can do with regards to keeping your septic tank risers properly maintained is to avoid pumping any sewage waste into the area where they are located. If you have any hard surfaces like paved or gravel filled areas in your basement, you should probably avoid putting a septic tank lid on them. This is because the presence of water can cause the pipes within the container to freeze and to crack. In the long run, this can lead to an extremely costly setup.

If your area has no soft surfaces to speak of, then you should put a lid on your pipes. A good way to accomplish this is by using a rubber or plastic pipe cover. Another method of securing your lids to the pipes is by putting a layer of insulation between the inside of the lid and the pipes. Of course, the best method for avoiding the need to pump sewage is to have your septic tank risers installed by a professional plumbing company that has experience in sewage and septic system installation. The only problem with calling in a professional is that it can be quite expensive. You can however learn how to perform the necessary maintenance to keep your drainage system working effectively without having to spend large sums of money.

Maintenance of sewage drainage systems can begin by simply checking for any cracks or leaks. You should also make sure that there is no calcium build up within the pipes. Another important tip when it comes to sewage and septic tank risers is that you should never allow any water to stand for more than three days before draining it. If the water stays in the pipes for too long, it can actually weaken them and cause them to rupture. When you drain the water out, you will be exposing the grounds to possible root attacks from insects and other organisms.

As soon as you notice any cracks or leaks within your sewage and septic system, you should call in a professional to take care of the problem. When you have a drain cleaning business on your hands, you will not have to put up with trying to maintain your septic tank risers on your own. Although it may be tempting to perform the necessary maintenance on your own, you should leave the task to the professionals. There are many different companies out there that can help you keep your drains clear of clogs and other dangerous materials. Since these systems are not usually easy to clean, you may want to invest in some plastic containers to place the waste into so that you can easily dispose of it.

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